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Mon Glucko


Why develop one more application, you might say, because I couldn't find my account in the existing applications.

Being diabetic, myself, I looked for applications to log my blood sugar levels, manage my meals, but nothing was enough for me, so I decided to develop "Mon Glucko".

"Mon Glucko" is an Android and iOS compatible application.


The "Mon Glucko" Application is in web mode or more commonly, the information is saved in the cloud.

For security reasons and as I may have encountered while trying other applications, the data recorded is in centralized databases and not directly on your phone or PC.

This is to avoid losing all the information, but also and above all to allow you to use several phones or PCs with the application.

You connect with your email and password and you instantly find your data.

What else?

The "Mon Glucko" Application, yes, but what more?

"Mon Glucko", provides you with the basic functionalities of such an Application: blood glucose measurements, management meals,...

You can track your insulin intake, weight, and many other features to come.

You can also avoid re-entering your blood sugar levels using your device and syncing it with the app via Bluetooth.

The synchronisation?

Synchronization, at this stage of development of "Mon Glucko", is done in 2 ways:

- via Bluetooth (glucose reading via Bluetooth compatible devices)

- via the Health applications on your smartphone: Health Connect for Android and Health/Santé for iOS.



Being independent, the Application is not linked to a lab or a company, the only limit being that of our community of users.

Your feedback , our use, our ideas will make the Application evolve into a real essential daily tool.

So do not hesitate to raise your needs via the comments on the Google Play Store.


I particularly wanted to thank Dr Elie HADDAD, Doctor specializing in endocrinology-diabetology-nutrition, for his support and help in this project.

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